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Add's Head
Beach Washed Baby Walrus Tusk
Pins, Pendants, Brooches
Large Add's Head, Over Two Feet!
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Belt Buckles
    Walrus Sled Runner
  Scrimshaw is the age old art of etching with a needle on ivory or bone. The etching is done by scratching the surface of the ivory with a sharp object. Ink is then rubbed in to create the picture. In color scrimshaw it is done with acrylics or oil paints. Each color is done one layer at a time, working from darks to lights. Craig Stevens choses fossilized walrus or mammoth ivory for his scrimshaw. This adds a unique challenge as fossilized ivories vary in color and take exceptional skill to add images while maintaining and utilizing the beautiful colors of the fossil ivory. As you can see from the above examples, Craig does an exceptional job.