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Welcome to the Craig Stevens studio web site. Craig lives in Alaska along  the Kenai Peninsula coast which is located about 250 miles south of the city of Anchorage. He was raised in what is called  "bush" Alaska by a old mountain man father by the name of Grizzly Grimes ( picture above). He has 4 brothers and 2 sisters.
Craig works in many art mediums: painting, drawing, scrimshaw, carving, inlay work, custom knives, pistol grips, rifle stocks, jewlery, photography, and digital imaging.
He has made thousands of pieces of art work that are now all over the world. Some are high end items, such as customed made pool cues or scrimshawed fossilized walrus or mammoth tusks. Some of his more affordable items consist of hand-made diamond willow walking canes, sculptures, carvings, pendants, pins, bolo's, belt buckles, folding and skinner knives, note cards, burl tables, clocks, and a varied number of other items.
As an artist Craig Stevens is at the top of his game. His shop is extensive, with wood working machinery of all kinds, metal lathes, milling machines, carving tools and just about every tool known to man. Most of the items he makes you won't find anywhere else. He likes making things that are rare and unique. So take a tour of the site and if you find it interesting, please add it to your favorites. You will find lots of special gifts for almost anyone. If you like what you see,  please tell others you know. Word of mouth is one of the best advertisements there is and he would greatly appreciate it.

To contact Craig Stevens Studio:     Phone: 907-746-9663
                                                       Email:  diehardsteelheader@hotmail.com     
This site is still under construction so if you click on a picture and it does not bring up a page, check back a bit later as I am still downloading pictures and setting it up.

Thanks again for looking at my work.
          Craig Stevens

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