There are three category of earrings I sell...             Inlayed :
                                                                                    Fossilized Ivory:
                                                                                    Gold and opal:
I snapped some quick pictures of  some of the earrings on my girlfriends ear so you could get a feel for size. I know they are not perfect but I hope it helps. All the eye screws and wires are ether 14/20 gold(the yellow ones) or sterling silver (white colored ones)
Though digital cameras have come a long ways, these pictures do not do these earrings justice. I can guarantee that  no matter how good they look here, they are much more stunning in person. the opal earrings are a tricky matter. Taking pictures of opal and trying  to show it's color is tuff. If you have one angle it looks pink, then you adjust the camera it looks blue. So let me just tell you that the opal jewelry you see on this page if you were holding it in your hand is breath taking!  I have done my best to try and show some of its color and beauty but when I look at the earrings them selves, I just have to sigh... I just cannot seem to capture  what I see when I am holding them. I guess what I am saying is that when you receive a pair of these in the mail and open them, you will be over joyed with how much more beautiful they are in person. Another interesting note on the opal....This is opal that is called lab grown, what does that mean and why am I mentioning it? The reason I like and use lab grown opal is because its stable. opal that is mined is prone to cracking or faiding in color. not lab grown, it is still opal but instead of a 14 to 15% water content and 85% silica, (silica is what opal is made of) it has 85% silica and 15% polymer resins. it will not crack or fade!!!
sometimes man can improve upon nature.I do want you to remember one thing while looking at my inlayed earrings. they are not always for sale. What I mean is  that I make allot of different kinds of art work, sometimes it might be a year or two before I get back to earrings. I usually make 20 to 30 pair of each  when I do make them but they sell out fast.There is also another reason, sometimes I do not make the same design. I might make completely new styles. so if you fall in love with a pair you might want to get them. Yes I know her ear lobe is red and I might have had her try on to many pairs, but on the up side, she does have a nice collection of earrings so I figure it averages out.  lol  All Inlayed earrings are signed by me on the back.

Exotic Earrings
  Have you ever seen anything like them? No? Well the truth is chances are you won't .

These earrings are unlike any others you will find. They are made with some of the most exotic and cherished materials to be found on our planet. Each wood, ivory, shell, and opal is hand selected (it is the very best of the best) for its unique beauty then seasoned for over 6 years to make it stable and workable.
With mixing such diverse materials as ivory, abalone, opal and exotic woods can be a daunting task; each has different qualities (much like the women he makes them for). Opal is very hard and must be cut under water, as is abalone. Wood shrinks and expands; ivories do too, but not as much. It takes years of practice and schooling. If done incorrectly they can crack, warp or fall apart. Most women are so busy they do not have the time to consider that Craig spent over five years building custom pool cues just to learn the art of inlay. Nor the years it  took him to learn finishing and carving techniques. They simply think they are beautiful and marvel at how the earrings make them look. Some are designed to be worn every day…not too dressy, but elegantly beautiful in an understated sort of way. Other earrings are designed to make her shine. To catch the color of her eyes or show off the curve of her neck.
He has signed the back of each pair so that over the years your purchase will grow in value.
Think of them as little mini works of art.

Comments from the Artist:

I build my earrings to last a woman's lifetime and to be passed down to her children and her children's children. The most important reason I make them is because I think women are beautiful. I love helping each one accent her own unique beauty. Hold up a pair to your ear and look in the mirror, note the soft feel of the fossil ivories, how the other beautiful materials complement each other and seem to have just grown together as if by magic.
I try to make my earrings unique and to have their very own style. Chances are you will not see others like them.
So when you put on your Alaskan earrings, know they are special. They are hand crafted by an Alaskan artist who has spent his entire life in study just to be able to make them for you. 
I want my earrings to make a women feel beautiful and to lift her spirits when she wears them. When she looks in the mirror at her own reflection, I hope it makes her smile. I want for them to become one of her most cherished pairs.
Thanks for taking the time to look at them.
                                                                                                                                                     Craig Stevens

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Amboyna burl, fossilized walrus ivory, ocean blue opal with 14/20 gold wires.

African ebony, mammoth ivory, bacote wood, and gold and ebony veining.
14/20 gold wires

African ebony, Amboinia burl, turquise, sicamore veneer's and ocean blue opal.  14/20 gold wires.

Ivory, African Ebony, Turquise and sterling silver whires and eye screws.

Ivory,African Ebony, Sicamore veneers and highly figured cocobolo from Latin America. 14/20 gold wires and eye screws.

Ivory, African Ebony, Turquise, and ocean blue opal. Sterling Silver wires and eye srews.

African Ebony, Sicamore Veneers, purple heart, Ivory and sterling silver and ebony vaining. 14/20 gold wires and eye screws.

Ivory, Rose wood, African Ebony and Sicamore veneers. Sterling silver wires and eye screws.

Fosilized Walrus Ivory,Birds Eye Birch burl and pale blue opal. 14/20 gold wires and eye screws.

$ 125
Ivory, African Ebony, Turquise, and dark ocean blue opal. Sterling Silver wires. There are two styles of these, the one above is more of a pale blue, this one is darker shade of blue.

Ivory, Gold vein on each side of the wood between ivory and wood(hard to see in the picture) the burl is Birdseye Birch  that has been spalted. The two gold lines that run down these earrings make them truely elegant!

African Ebony,Two kinds of ivory, Purple Heart, Sicamore Veneers, and Sterling Silver wires and eye screws.  If you like these you better get them, this is the only  pair I made!!

14 KT  solid yellow gold, white opal, simply stunning!

14 KT gold with two colors opal, white and glacier blue.

$ 315
14 KT gold, Glacier
blue opal. My favorites!

$ 160
14 KT gold, white opal.

$ 315
14 KT gold, white and glacier blue opal

14 KT gold, White Opal (look at the picture below to see aprox size)

14 KT gold with two kinds of opal, Glacier blue and white. just love them!

14 KT gold,white and glacier blue opal.

14 KT gold, white and glacier blue opal.

14 KT gold, glacier blue and white opal.

$ 145
14 KT gold,glacier blue and white opal.
$ 60
14 KT gold, glacier blue and white opal.

$ 115
14 KT gold, glacier blue and white opal.

  $ 190
14 KT gold, glacier blue opal.

Opal Pendants
Stunning glacier blue and white opal pendant
with  14 KT yellow gold it is  5/8" long and 5/8" wide at bottom(tapers at top)

$ 180
14 KT yellow gold(all opal pendants and earrings are yellow gold) with stunning white opal. this necklass has opal on both sides! the chain is pated.

Would'nt it be great to own both of these beautiful pendants so you could ware wich ever one matches your outfit? well you dont have too! it is two sided. glacier blue on one side, and white opal on the other, kool huh!
14KT yellow gold. chain is plated gold.

$ 145
This pendant also is two sided, all of these round pendants are aprox. 1/2 " in diameter.
14KT yellow gold  with plated chain.

14 KT yellow gold,with glacier blue and white opal. it has opal on both sides of the pendant.
the cord is a black rubber and 14KT gold link.
3/4" long by 5/8" wide.

14 KT yellow gold with white opal. 1 -1/8" tall
by 3/4 wide.

14 KT gold, with glacier blue opal.  1-1/8" tall
by 3/4" wide. Rubber coard with 14 KT gold link.

$ 225
14 KT gold donut type pendant with glacier blue and white opal. 3/8" in diameter

14 KT yellow gold,glacier blue and white opal.
it matches the bear earrings at the top of this page. aprox. 1" long and 5/8" wide