I love captivating or striking images. When I am doing my art such as  trying to draw a bear, I don't just do a bear, I try to draw or paint one that is what most of us would think a bear should look like. Though I don't do a lot of selling this kind of artwork yet. (most of it resides in my computer or in my closet)  The work you see here is just me sharpening my skills so that when I do decide to do something, I have a better understanding of what it is I want. Most of my time is usually spent making knives, belt buckles or earrings; its my bread and butter.  But from time to time I just have to sit down and create a painting or drawing. I have others besides what is shown here but I had to balance out the amount of time it would take the page to upload.  Some of these images might find there way to a note card or two, maybe even a coffee mug. But for now, they are just here for you to look at and enjoy.

PS. The white letters on each picture are water marks to protect the image from theft. It is not on the actual prints.
Also, the images may appear to be fuzzy do to  having to shrink them down for fast display on the web site. They are of course much sharper and more detailed.

Craig Stevens
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